The Secret Lotus - 

Embrace Your Magic! 

The Secret Lotus provides an intimate setting where individuals can enhance their spiritual development and embrace transformation.  We offer a safe space to ask questions, seek spiritual advice and experience profound energy.   

Our services include:

  • Tarot Readings 

  • Astrology Readings 

  • Reiki 

  • Chakra Balancing 

  • Amethyst Bio-Mat™ Therapy

  • Sekhem Khat Ka

  • Feng Shui

  • Past Life Regression Journeys

  • Meditations

  • Workshops & Classes


We also carry a small range of products that compliment the services we provide, such as:

  • Gemstones 

  • Jewellery

  • Incense 

  • Candles 

  • Oracles

  • Meditation Tools

Please feel free to email us at if you would like to book an appointment or have any questions regarding our services & events.