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Birth Chart Readings

Fee: $222


Birth Chart Readings are by appointment only and typically run for 60-90 minutes.


To arrange a consultation, you will need to supply the following information: date of birth, time of birth (or as close as possible) & place of birth (town/city, province/state, country) so that your chart can be calculated and studied before your appointment.


To book your appointment, please call 647-299-9066 or email


The birth/natal chart shows where the Sun, Moon and planets are located in the Universe at the time of one's birth. Each planet in your chart represents an energetic part of your being and reveals unique, valuable information about your personality and life.  An Astrological Reading of an individual’s Birth/Natal Chart can reveal many things about your inborn potential, life lessons, strengths and challenges.


By exploring the energies at work, you can take advantage of openings for development as they are presented.  You can learn how to make positive use of your planetary energies and how to effectively deal with the challenges that show up in your chart.


The Birth Chart Reading can help you:

  • guide your creative energies to their highest potential

  • gain a deeper understanding of your life path and experiences

  • bring out and express all aspects of yourself

  • find direction in life, clarity about life purpose & a sense of meaning

  • overcome life lessons in order to fully accomplish your hopes, dreams and aspirations


This reading is a very thorough consultation.  During your reading, the information is interpreted in such a way that you can understand it and consciously apply the information received to your daily life, embracing a more authentic and spirited expression of who you are.  Remember, your birth chart simply provides useful guidance; it is not a set in stone destiny.


Your life depends on how you develop your potential, work with your gifts and deal with your challenges.  Intuition, creativity and effort lead to success, your life is yours to create!


Disclaimer: Readings and energy work are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. 

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