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Past Life Exploration Journey

Fee: $180


Past Life Regression Journeys are by appointment only and typically run for 60-90 minutes.


Sessions will be recorded so that you can g through the material once the session is over.


To book your appointment, please call 647-299-9066 or email


Past Life Exploration is a meditative journey into deep memories of our past lives or incarnations. These memories although unconscious to you now, may still have an impact on your behaviour and patterns in this life, affecting the here and now.


Past Life Exploration Journeys allow us to:

  • understand the roots of overwhelming emotions and feelings

  • understand more about our own personality

  • receive clarity, which can lead to a deeper level of understanding, healing and releasing

  • develop a new perception

  • develop a deeper relationship with ourselves


During this session, Cat will guide you safely and gently into a meditative state where you are aware of your surroundings. You know what is going on, you do not lose consciousness. 


Past Life Exploration is a valuable technique. It facilitates a deeper understanding of the Human condition in general and more importantly on a private and personal level as well.


Disclaimer: Readings and energy work are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. 

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